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innovation is not just a word, but rather the main motivation of the Company.

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BELT Commerce is a Technology Company that offers Solutions to consumers

connecting e-market and mail, the customer to legal, administrative and technological solutions platform.

Thanks to the Binter app, our team is reassured that all services are within the reach of the customer.

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One of the rare companies to offer the complete range of integrated solutions exclusively for the hospitality industry. We offer internationally recognized, high-quality services that meet every requirement of delivery services, legal, and technology advices..

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Your fastest delivery service to your physical adresse, get the smartcode.

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We help you communicate and resolve your legal issues.

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Poverty is our concern, we can manage that in sharing what we have.


espace qui vous offre des conseils sur le type de logiciel à utiliser dans votre société, l’installation, l’intégration et le suivi de votre experience digital.


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With your account, and the information related to your account (physical adresse), we avoid your displacements. We deliver to your adresse.
In connection with SCPT (Post Office), legal organnizations, financial organizations, leading to the success requires efforts that others might have.
Affordable Pricing
Services offered by BELT are the cheapest you will ever find out there. The quality of those services are the main concern.
Easy To Use
The aim is not just to show what we got, rather help you do more in less clicks.
Free Support
Our team is working 24/7 hours to make services available to the public. Whenever a query falls out of your mind, feel free to make us know.
Effectively Increase
In the coming next 3 years, we are in hope of getting 3 billions satisfied users on our products.
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